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Springfield process servers are used in a variety of tasks such as serving summonses, subpoenas, mechanics liens, and notices, as Springfield process serving company is to serve legal documents to a defendant, a witness, records custodian, or other interested party in a court case.

After serving any legal documents, Springfield process servers must provide the client with an affidavit to be filed by the client with their court to prove the service of process was completed. States vary as to whether the service of process must be notarized.

Springfield process servers are legally required to serve papers in the correct manner laid out by the state where the legal documents originated. Process serving laws vary by state, so each individual process server should be advised by his out of state client if there are any particular laws to be followed exclusive to the state of origin.

Florida documents require certain notations on the service document to be made by the process server when effectuating service.  Most states allow process to be served seven days a week except, most notably, Florida, New York and Texas.  They do not allow Sunday service.

If there are any laws specific to your state, let your process server know in writing prior to the service of process.