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Easy to Hire Your Process Server

it is simple to hire a local process server.  Action Legal Process has process servers in several locations.  Nearly all are process servers who have been trained by our owner Ron Rugen.  Where we do not have a process server, we can vet process servers nearby to save you the trouble, by being a one stop process service for you.

Our process serving company has reliability, diligence, tenacity and experience.  We are dedicated to getting the service or process done, while being creative but, most importantly, within the law.

Action Legal Process is in its fourth decade of providing reliable process across the country.  Each of our process servers have an app on the smartphone to give you prompt notification of every service attempt by email.  You can also check the status of your process service 24/7 on our secure website or by downloading our app on the Apple Store or Google Play.  All of this is available to you whether you have one process service or one hundred process service.

Contact Action Legal Process today and let us be your process server!

How to Become a Process Server

Are you looking to become a process server?  We can train you so prior process service experience is not important.  What is important is being able to work a smart phone and, most importantly, treating people with dignity and respect while getting the process service job done.  Contact Action Legal Process for more information.  Typically, we only hire within the major metro areas due to volume.

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If you're not pleased with our diligence, feel free to contact me. I provide my servers with my 26 years experience as a process server and 5 years as a debt collector plaintiff . - Ron Rugen, owner

Our New Phone Number is 888-511-1919

Bad Address?

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Most likely address and, when available, possible phone and email address.

When you submit your case, we begin work on it by entering it in our database.  We then get it to our process server who prints it out and initiates plans for service.  Because this work begins immediately, our fees are non-refundable.  The fee is per address for a single servee.

Your payment is for due diligence. That means we do what is reasonable to be successful based on the information you have given us.  No legitimate process server can guarantee service.
They can only conduct due diligence.  But we would not have been in business since 1994, if we weren't getting the job done.

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Great Service! Did not have to ask or beg for status. Great customer service and prompt replies!  –  V. Alexis

Enjoyed working with this team. Very fast service & very professional. Will definitely use again in the future.  – A. Lacey

Action Legal did a fantastic job serving papers. They were quick and provided updates throughout the process. If you are looking for a process server, this is the company to use.  – B. Hadfield

It was a rush, needed to be done now. Less than 24 hours - results. Price was very reasonable. Responsive to emails.  – B. Howard

Dayton Process Servers

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Dayton Process Server

Dayton process servers are used in a variety of tasks such as serving summonses, subpoenas, mechanics liens, and notices, as well as sometimes document retrieval. The main job of a Dayton process serving company is to serve legal documents to a defendant, a witness, records custodian, or other interested party in a court case.

After serving any legal documents, Dayton process servers must provide the client with an affidavit to be filed by the client with their court to prove the service of process was completed. States vary as to whether the service of process must be notarized.

Dayton process servers are legally required to serve papers in the correct manner laid out by the state where the legal documents originated. Process serving laws vary by state, so each individual process server should be advised by his out of state client if there are any particular laws to be followed exclusive to the state of origin.

Florida documents require certain notations on the service document to be made by the process server when effectuating service.  Most states allow process to be served seven days a week except, most notably, Florida, New York and Texas.  They do not allow Sunday service.

If there are any laws specific to your state, let your process server know in writing prior to the service of process.

For the Dayton Area.